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Freddy Review: Stale Wine In A Jagged Bottle

December 2, 2022

When the teaser for Kartik Aaryan's Freddy came out on YouTube, I was taken by surprise. What surprised me was Aaryan's experimentation with his roles. And this role looked challenging that seemed something different and out of his comfort zone.

From Pyar Ka Punchnama to Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Kartik Aaryan has been repeating the same characters, though he tried to break the shackles to an extent with Dhamaka—but it wasn't convincing.

So when I saw his first glimmers as Freddy, I was like, "Man, this is going to be something!"


How could I forget? Trailers can be deceptive!

Freddy Ginwala is a shy and introverted dental surgeon desperately looking for a soulmate. At 28, when most of his friends and cousins are married and enjoying the bliss of fatherhood, he is the only one without a match. And it's not that he isn't trying. However, it is his clumsy personality that is making things worse for him.

One day, at a family gathering, one of his aunts asked him if he was gay and that's why he wasn't able to find his match. He isn't gay, but how does he prove it to his aunt?

Since his aunt made him believe by pointing towards a girl and saying "Woh tumhe dekh rahin hain, ja ussey baat kar" (She is lookng at you, go and talk to her), Aaryan gets instigated and walks up to her and tries to strike a conversation.

The silliest part is, he even introduces himself by saying, "Hi, main Freddy Ginwala. Waha baitha hua thaa. Aaap mujhe dekh rahin thi" (Hi, I am Freddy Ginwala. I was sitting there while you were looking at me)

Though the girl (Kainaaz, played by Alaya F) denies looking at him, Aaryan is not convinced until her abusive husband Rustom (Sajjad Delfrooz) shows up, abusing not just her but also Aaryan as he pushes him to the ground.

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Freddy is heartbroken to know that his love at first sight is married, but how does that stop him from building castles in the air?

Smitten by her heavenly charm, Freddy already starts dreaming of starting a family with her.

Things take 'an unexpected turn' when Kainaaz shows up in Freddy's chamber with a root canal problem. This one meeting leads to several meetings, one half kiss, one murder, and then some predictable twists.

Kill for the love of your life only to be killed by the love of your life is a waste of a tale in the present times when movies with unique and mind boggling storylines are creating ripples.

If I have to sum up the movie, it is what the title of this review says- Stale Wine In A Jagged Bottle.

Kartik Aaryan does a decent job but he had ample scope to develope the character and make it look more lunatic, especially towards the climax.

Alaya F as Kainaaz nails the character and the chemistry between her and Aaryan looks convincing to a greater extent of the story as well.

The other characters fill up the blanks and they don't impact the narrative or pace in anyway.

As a Kartik Aaryan fan, you could find him doing something different, but nothing extraordinary.

Apart from that, if you are looking forward to watch a mindboggling suspense thriller, then you are bound to get disappointed.

If you have some spare time this weekend, then grab a pint or two and enjoy Freddy's company.

Watch the trailer here

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