The Seventh String

The Seventh String Trailer Review

October 22, 2022

The trailer of the soon-to-be-released Assamese movie, The Seventh String, was released on YouTube earlier this week.

The movie is directed by noted actor-director Baharul Islam.

If you ask me how I found the trailer, my one-word answer will be "POOR!"

Yes, the trailer, for me, is terrible and watching it was an excruciating experience.

The trailer neither reveals anything about the characters and their relationship with each other nor does it give us a clear idea about the possible storyline. I have no qualms with the secrecy that has been maintained, but the overall packaging of the trailer is poor.

The trailer introduces us to a group of people and a hermitage-type of place. From the looks of it, the movie seems to be revolving around these individuals and their "grey pasts". They spend time with each other in this hermitage by sharing their life experiences and laughing at random jokes.

The story seems to be promising, and even the premise looks noble. However, the overall presentation of the trailer is amateurish.

From the little bit that I saw in the trailer, what was strikingly evident was the over-the-top acting. Over-the-top acting in films looked okay in the bygone era. But in modern cinema, such theatrics are intolerable.

Is The Seventh String a normal commercial cinema or an abstract cinema? I have questioned myself several times after watching the trailer.

Even if it is an abstract movie, The Seventh String doesn't look promising-at least to me!

In a nutshell, the trailer is incoherent.

The "intellectual approach" that the makers try to take while making the movie looks forced and extremely fake.

Baharul Islam is undoubtedly a brilliant actor. He is one of the best in the business when it comes to abstract theatre in Assam. However, this cannot be said of him as a filmmaker.

Among the several dislikes, the only thing that I enjoyed about The Seventh String is its background music. The use of Assamese folk instruments is soothing, not just for the ears but also for the heart and soul.

I hope the final product is different and the opposite of its trailer.

The movie will be released in theatres on November 11, 2022.

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