Bosch unveils e-bike design from future
Bosch unveils e-bike design from future. Courtesy: TechRadar

Bosch Reveals Look Of Its Futuristic E-Bikes

July 7, 2020

The design of its new concept e-bikes from the future was released by Bosch as it celebrated the 10th anniversary of its eBike Systems.

The new concept of e-bikes from Bosch has a black and white colour combination, along with the standard Bosch e-bike design.

The company, however, has managed to camouflage several components that would otherwise be visible on the outside.

The concept e-bikes feature a fully integrated cockpit with a Nyon on-board computer display.

The remote controls for the Nyon are placed on the handlebars of the bike and the company has also designed the two brake levers to blend with the black handlebar.

Further, Bosch has also placed the cables and hydraulic hoses of the brake system inside the cockpit structure.

This has been done to offer a clean design with nothing hanging outside.

The white carbon frame structure of the bike has side cooling channels.

These channels are equipped to provide a cooling effect when the bike is in motion.

The e-bikes also come with a LED light upfront and this is placed below the luggage rack.

Bosch, in a statement, said that this LED light design would add the e-bike’s dynamic and futuristic look.

"The concept e-bike also has the Bosch eBike ABS unit which is available in other Bosch e-bikes. In this one, it's placed just behind the front luggage rack," reported Hindustan Times.

Even though hasn’t revealed yet as to when its concept e-bikes would go into production, however, the company showcases how such a design for e-bikes are indeed possible in the present time.

It may be mentioned here that the components used in this concept e-bike are said to arrive in future e-bikes from Bosch.

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