Boss Network launch party in Guwahati

Boss Network Officially Launched In Guwahati

February 9, 2021

The Boss Network- a popular online platform which has already made major strides, was officially launched on February 7 in a Guwahati hotel.

The meeting and launch programme was attended by almost all the stakeholders of Boss Network, who introduced themselves and showcased their home-grown products.

There cannot be a better company than a group of individuals who are dedicated to growth.

A community network of like-minded entrepreneurs, Boss Network has been diligently working and catering to the needs of various entrepreneurs, designers, artists, bakers, salons, etc, in the city and outside.

It has been persistently providing support to its members through conversation, in-person networking, and online networking.

Many homegrown businesses located in the city and outside have received a major boost.

Besides the network’s founder-director and noted city-based entrepreneur Payal Agarwal Jain, the launch event was also graced by Bimal Agarwal, Meera Agarwal, Binod Jain and Santosh Jain, who were the guests of honour, parents of many of the entrepreneurs, among others.

The event also saw a number of prizes being won by the participants and entrepreneurs.

“This was not just a launch event, but one that aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs from all over and to promote entrepreneurship, as well as to create a support system that will help them achieve together what we cannot achieve alone," said Payal Agarwal Jain, who has been a huge source of inspiration and a pillar of strength to the network’s budding and established entrepreneurs.

She shared a reminiscent narrative as she took the attendees through the eventful journey of Boss Network.

Today, the network comprised of some of the top business leaders, investors and startup entrepreneurs. Many business enterprises have acquired new heights after they became a part of this fastest-growing network.

It’s important that today’s entrepreneurs should make judicious use of the networks to learn and improve their capacity to exploit business opportunities.

Earlier, Boss Network in collaboration with Storytellers had held an exhibition-cum-sale that showcased an innovative range of handmade products crafted by artistic and creative women at the Storytellers store located in the Asian Palace Complex in Guwahati.

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