New IT rules proposed in India
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Centre Proposes New IT Rules

June 7, 2022

The Central government is planning to amend the existing IT rules in the country.

The new amendment draft published by the Centre states that it will be give 30 days time to the stakeholders to suggest amendments. 

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has suggested 4 amendments to the act.

These include the intermediaries of the technology to guarantee the users with rights reserved to them by the constitution. 

Secondly, the intermediaries are required to address complaints and remove certain kinds of content within 72 hours.

Adding to that, the intermediaries are also supposed to provide the users with the safety of grievances redressal mechanism. 

Finally, the amendment also suggests the making of a new grievances redressal committee which can address the complaints of users who are not satisfied with the solution taken out for their complaints.  

In 2021, the government of our country introduced an amendment bill for the IT act of 2000.

The amendment includes Social Media and OTT platforms. That was proposed considering the overflow of fake news and controversies surrounding content. 

This proposal soon got surrounded by controversies as different entities including HC of Madras and Mumbai and social media giants like Whatsapp and Twitter themselves questioned that the acts would affect the right to privacy of the user.

It was also opposed by some users who called the provisions undemocratic. 

These controversies somehow stopped the implementation of the act in 2021. Now, the government is back with new rules and amendments in the draft after 1 year. 

The new rules were published by the government a week ago and now on Monday, it has published the rules with some changes.

According to the government, these rules will comply that the tech giants work according to the Indian Constitution. Now, the response to this proposal and the test of its effectiveness are awaited. 


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