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Chippa: A Tale Of Rejection And Realisation

June 11, 2020

Chippa starring Sunny Pawar of Lion ad Sacred Games fame is a film about love, relationship, friendship, loss, rejection, and realisation.

It takes us on a one-night journey and shows the world through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy.

Pawar as Chippa has pulled off a brilliant performance in this Safdar Rahman directorial.

Even though the film has its moments of low, yet the highs are much larger and bigger and one can easily ignore the lows as they are inconsequential in the long run.

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Chippa is about Pawar and his one-night quest to find his father, who left him and his mother a few years back after he fell in love with a different woman.

Apart from a letter in Urdu, which he got by chance, young Chippa has no identity about his long-lost father.

During his journey, he befriends a taxi-driver, a policeman, two drunken men, one dog, and a man selling newspapers- who apparently happens to be his lost father!

The film, which was shot in Kolkata, reveals a lot of unseen tales of the City of Joy and unearths the many secrets that the city beholds closely to its heart.

Chippa is the story of a 10-year-old boy, whose dreams and aims wander from one stop to the other.

If at one moment he wishes to become a taxi driver and drive on the empty Kolkata streets and feel the cool breeze, the next moment his dreams switch gears and he now wants to be a policeman.

At some point, he also wishes to deliver newspapers and own a bicycle and a luxurious car at the same time.

The film shows a unique friendship between Chippa and Pippa- a stray dog.

I won't say that the movie doesn't have certain dull moments!

It indeed has quite a few mundane moments and these could have been easily edited out of the final product.

Moreover, a few scenes and referral dialogues have only helped the film land in some unwanted controversies.

In fact, these dialogues and moments are so inconsequential that we can easily overlook it and definitely do away from dragging the movie into a controversy.

A 10-year-old who runs away from his house to find his father returns back home the next morning only with the realisation that the certain actions of the past cannot be reversed.

The realisation that dawns into him regarding life and relationship is the crux point of the movie.

Chippa is a loveable film and it should definitely be watched and celebrated.

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