Ranjit Das, an unsung hero in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic
Ranjit Das, an unsung hero in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic And The Unsung Heroes

May 1, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has left several stranded in various parts of the country and this has brought the best out of many.

Various individuals and organisations In India have supported to each and everyone affected by this pandemic- from the first respondents, stranded domestic and international tourists to essential service professionals.

In this time of crisis there have a number of heart-warming stories about individuals who have led the fight against COVID-19 pandemic by setting examples.

One such individual who is leading the fight with an example is Ranjit Das- a hotel owner based in Guwahati in Assam.

In the trying times like these Das took the initiative to ameliorate the plight of urban workers in Guwahati by offering his hotel as a quarantine enter.

The Assam government has been arranging finances for those in need and bringing back residents who were stranded in different places due to the lockdown.

This was Ranjit Das' cue to help people who were stranded and struggling to afford two meals a day.

Seeing the ramifications that the COVID-19 pandemic brought on everyone, Ranjit under the guidance of OYO Hotels & Homes went above and beyond by ensuring that his hotel and staff were ready in all respect to host those looking to quarantine themselves.

Hospitality being one of the worst affected industries meant turbulent times for him and his family since this was his main source of income business.

However, armed with self-conviction and a passion for helping others, Das set aside his worries and proactively began doing  his bit to flatten the curve.

Not only did he provide ration to the migrant workers on a daily basis, he has also ensured the well being of his hotel staff.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented in every single way," Das said.

"At onset of the pandemic we knew that we shall be one of the worst impacted sectors considering we were from the hospitality industry," he further added

"As I managed to grapple with the daily developments, I knew my focus should be to reach out to the needy," he further said.

"I observed that there were many migrant workers who were residing near my hotel which motivated me to do something for all of them," he added.

"I have been providing food and ration to over 100 people since then and this has been truly satisfying," he added.

"Although I am facing a big cash crunch owing to the present crisis, I know now was the time to stand with OYO in true spirits," Das further said.

Ranjit Das, owns the Hotel Parashuram in Guwahati.

He further informed that in his hotel a number of students originally from Rajasthan along with doctors and nurses are residing and the Assam government has arranged for their stay.

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