Kollukudipatti village where villagers celebrate cracker-free Diwali
A street of Kollukudipatti village. Image Courtesy: veethi.com

Cracker-Free Diwali Is Achievable

October 27, 2019

Kollukudipatti- a Tamil Nadu village- since the 1960s has been setting an example to the world about celebrating cracker-free Diwali.

Yes, you read us right!

The village, which houses the Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary, has left the 'tradition' of bursting crackers in Diwali decades ago.

The villagers here don't burst crackers during Diwali and they have been following the tradition since the early 1960s.

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"We have been following what are elders taught us for 50 years now," reports The Hindu quoting Maheshwari- a local resident.

"We don't buy crackers for our children in Diwali and they don't ask for it either," she added.

Not just in Diwali, but Kollukudipatti residents don't burst crackers in any other occasion.

"We distribute sweets rather than bursting crackers for celebrating Diwali," reported The Hindu quoting Prabhu, another local.

The Vettankudi Bird Sanctuary is spread across 38.4 acres and migratory birds have been visiting it for nesting and breeding.

This Tamil Nadu bird sanctuary has lots of water and this attracts over half a dozen bird species every year.

The winged visitors are mostly from Europe and North Asia.

The flock of birds include grey herons, darters, spoonbills, white ibis, black ibis, openbill stork and night herons.

Tamil Nadu is famous for its Sivakasi Crackers and in the same state one village has refused using its crakers is an example to follow.

If one remote Tamil Nadu village can celebrate cracker-free Diwali, then why can't we?

"This is really inspiring and Kollukudipatti has set an example for all," said Rajib Lochan of Guwahati to The Story Mug.

"Crackers don't just pollute the environment, but it also threatens the existence of several bird species," he added.

Maybe, a cracker-free Diwali like that in Kollukudipatti would help in protecting different rare and endangered species of birds and other animals!

Just give a thought!

Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary

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