Adil Hussain
Courtesy: Adil Hussain's Instagram

Cyber Criminals Target Adil Hussain, Threaten To Suspend Actor's Instagram Permanently

January 2, 2021

Bollywood actor Adil Hussain woke up to a bad Saturday morning on January 2, 2020, when he discovered that Instagram has issued an order threatening to suspend his account permanently within 24 hours for violating certain "copyright guideline".

"Your account violates our copyright guidelines. If you don't provide feedback, your account will be permanently deleted from our servers within 24 hours. If you think we will remove your account by mistake, click the link on our profile and fill the required fields. (The link is in the Biography Section of our Instagram Profile.)," the Twitter account informing the actor about the suspension order wrote in its message.

Sharing a screenshot of the message, the actor tweeted, "Is this a legitimate account with a blue tick threatening me to close my @Instagram account? @Twitter? Anyone who knows anything about?"


Reacting to the tweet, several fans urged the Pareeksha actor to not respond to the message and said doing so would make it easy for the hackers to hack into his account.

"When u click on link & put all information.....after that they will hack your account.....just ignore it," replied a user.

"Just under the blue tick you can see the handle name (gigiradics). The link in bio is to third site. This means password to someone's verified ac was stolen & ac was changed. If you open the link, it will ask you to login. That is how they steal passwords," wrote under user.

"This is a phishing attempt to gain unauthorised access," another user tweeted.

"It’s a phishing attempt. Been happening all over Twitter and Instagram for quite sometime now," another user tweeted sharing links to previous such cases of fraudulence.

It may be mentioned here that several celebrities, journalists and verified media accounts have received a direct message on Instagram informing that copyright infringement has been detected in their photos.

Adil Hussain happens to be the first celebrity from the northeast whose social media account has come under such a phishing attack.

Twitter and Instagram authorities have repeatedly urged the users to ignore such messages and not click on links whatsoever.


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