David Fesliyan
David Fesliyan

David Fesliyan: I Love Arijit Singh

July 4, 2020

California-based musician David Fesliyan is a fan of Arijit Singh and he has a dream to work with the talented Indian singer somewhere in the future.

David Fesliyan also wishes to create music for an Indian drama series as he is an avid lover of emotional music, which the Indian drama series have in galore.

David Fesliyan is a musician who mostly creates the impressive and gripping background scores and theme music for films, and documentaries.

For David Fesliyan, creation is fun and he has always been into creating things such as movies, music, and computer programs.

At age 12 he started learning computer programming in order to make video games and at the age of 17, he eventually settled into music.

Such was the craze and love for music that he left the senior year of high school in favour of homeschooling as home school gave him more time to study and play music.

In an exclusive interview with The Story Mug, David Fesliyan speaks more about his life and the journey so far...

TSM: Let us know about your inclination towards music. How and when did you first got attracted towards it?

David: I first got interested in music when I heard live musicians playing a song, and the drummer did some very cool beats.

At that point, I somehow knew I wanted to play the drums. My brother had a cheap drum set at home, and I started to learn my first beat using the internet. I was hooked after that.

TSM: When you began, what were your goals?

David: When I first started to play an instrument, I had no goals aside from having fun.

It was simply pure joy to play drum beats. I can’t describe it, but it’s just one of those things that put you into a different zone.

TSM: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

David: The music I create has no typical leaning. I actually love music and sound as a whole, so I do not have one single genre to which I want to stick to.

I love to experiment with every type of emotion that music and sound have to offer!

TSM: What is your creative process like?

David: My creative process starts with a hunt for a sound that I’ve never tried before. If I can learn something new, that’s what I do.

I try to focus on areas in which I don’t understand. I find that this leads to me being a better musician and composer in the end.

I suppose my creative process is simply a journey of learning and experimentation.

TSM: Tell us some of the projects that you have been associated with so far? Which project has been the most challenging?

David: I have had a number of small films and documentaries I have worked on.

However, the most notable project is one called By Dawn-  an alien sci-fi full feature film.

I believe this feature film was my biggest challenge, as I learned so much about the “film scoring” process while doing this.


It’s challenging in that, you have to be very careful not to use the wrong emotion during a scene. If you get it wrong, you will have to re-write the music until you get it right.

You also have to ensure you get the instrumentation and style of the genre correct… otherwise, your music won’t feel like it fits in the film.

Of course, now, I have refined my process a good bit so I have a much better plan before starting a feature-film-like project.

TSM: When someone approaches you to create music for them, what is the first thing that you discuss.

David: The first thing to discuss when working with clients is the style and genre of music they are after.

Ideally, a reference to other music or other similar projects is best, as this will significantly help narrow down the music.

In a nutshell, planning is everything, and I want to make sure I have a good plan as soon as possible!

TSM: If you have to choose the best creation of your till date, then which would that be?

David: I believe my best creation is a track named Please Don’t Cry.

I believe this piece of music really has pieces of all my learning put into it. It took me years to learn how to create a simple three-minute piece of music that would be memorable and enjoyable to listen to multiple times.

I feel like this one hits that mark pretty well!



TSM: Who has/have been your musical inspiration(s)?

David: I guess the better question is, “Who has not been my musical inspiration?”.

Every time I hear a piece of music, I am inspired, no matter the artist or genre.

Music and sound is a whole package to me, and thus I am inspired by everything.

From rap music to big sweeping orchestras, I believe everything has the inspiration to offer.

TSM: What do you think has been the impact of the internet in the music industry?

David: In the music industry, the internet has done a few good things, as well as some bad things.

The good is that it has given people the chance to learn in their bedrooms. Money is less of an obstacle. Personally, I can definitely attribute any of my success in music to the internet.

On the flip side, you have tons of music saturating the internet that it’s become extremely hard to stand out or make a name for yourself. I.e., competition is fierce than ever I suppose!

Not to mention what we now call “The race to the bottom”, where everyone is selling music cheaper and cheaper as time goes on, due to saturation.

Some would also argue that the level of musicianship has diminished due to the internet and everyone having the tech to make their own music now.

I would probably disagree with that, however… In my opinion, it’s the style of music being different (simpler, and more textural) than times before, and some people falsely attribute that to lack of skills.

TSM: Are you familiar with Indian music, if yes then who is your favourite Indian musician/singer/composer?

David: I’m so glad someone asked me this.

I really need to tell the world I love Arijit Singh - especially Tum Hi Ho.

I don’t know what the words are saying.

I can tell you one thing for sure: Indian men have some of the best voices I’ve ever heard, and Arijit Singh is my favourite. I love the texture you hear in his voice.

TSM: Any plans to collaborate with anyone from India in the future?

I would love to collaborate with someone like Arijit Singh (chuckles)

I don’t have any plans, simply because I suppose I’m not connected to that world.

I would also love to work on a drama Indian film. I love to make emotional music, especially sad tunes.

TSM: Current project/projects you are associated with?

David: I have two feature films coming up in the future I will work on. I can’t really say much beyond that or talk about them at this time.

My main focus outside of films or the occasional commercials is my music library at www.fesliyanstudios.com

TSM: Any message to our readers to boost their morale in this trying situation.

If you want to enter the world of music, don’t be discouraged knowing that it might take years to get to a professional level.

Music is all about having fun (Which is something I always forget). I started out writing terrible music.

You can actually go on my YouTube channel and listen to my first pieces of music. I left those up on purpose - so people can see where I stared, and where I’ve come.

Also, keep in mind the world of music has so much to offer that you will surely find a place for yourself.

You can be a live musician, studio musician, producer, composer, music mixer, singer, DJ, and more! If you don’t give up, you will find your place and eventually have the talent to share with the world!


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