Dehing Patkai
Dehing patkai. Courtesy: Highway Odyssey

Dehing Patkai Is Safe: Nature's Beckon

May 19, 2020

"No coal mining activity is being carried out inside Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary premises," said Nature's Beckon president Soumyadeep Datta.

"Dehing Patkai is completely safe and we thank the people of Assam for showing their concern and raising their voices," Datta further added in a Facebook video.

Adding further he said, "Neither the Central government nor the state government has any plans to carry out coal mining activity inside the sanctuary premises."

"Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary is completely safe," Datta reiterated.

Thanking the people of Assam for their proactive role, Datta urged them to show such proactiveness in the future as well.

"Whenever any threat will come down on Dehing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary, we will be at the front," Datta further said in the two-minute long video.

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Meanwhile, there was a surge in online campaigns and petitions demanding a ban on opencast coal mining in the sanctuary.

People from various walks of life have joined this digital movement against the government's decision to allow mining in the reserve forest.

"Dehing Patkai is one of the last remaining rainforests of India. We cannot allow the government to destroy it," said Polash Goswami, an environment enthusiast of Guwahati.

Hashtag campaigns like #SaveDehingPatkai, #I_Am_Dehing_Patkai, #IAmDehingPatkai, #AmazonOfEast etc have become immensely popular on social media.

People have also shared various messages via placards, cartoons, and posters etc. demanding the protection of the wildlife sanctuary.

Dehing Patkai awareness

Aayan and Riyan speak up for Dehing Patkai. Courtesy: Facebook

Dehing Patkai awareness

Dehing Patkai awareness

Speaking to The Story Mug a Guwahati-based journalist seeking anonymity alleged that massive coal mining in the area has been going on for ages.

"Both legal and illegal coal mining in the area has been going on for ages and there is a nexus of politicians and the coal mafia," he said.

"This nexus is very deep and in-depth investigating into it could actually be life-threatening," he added.

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