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Delhi Wakes Up To A Cold Tuesday Morning

The minimum temperature in Delhi on Monday was recorded to be 10.8 degrees Celsius

November 3, 2020

Delhi on Tuesday woke up to a chilly morning as the minimum temperature was recorded to be 10-degree-Celsius- 5 degrees C below normal.

The temperature was updated at 8:30 am on Tuesday by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

"There are cold wave conditions already over Delhi, but will be declared on day 2 if same criteria are fulfilled," said Kuldeep Shrivastava, head, regional weather forecasting centre.

The minimum temperature in Delhi on Monday was recorded to be 10.8 degrees Celsius.

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The IMD has also informed that the minimum temperatures are likely to be below normal over all of north-west India, except for some parts of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), Uttarakhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh (UP).

"At these places temperature is likely to be nearly normal to above normal," further informed the Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC), Delhi.

"Experts said the fall in minimum temperature in Delhi-national capital region (NCR) is due to a combination of factors, including incursion of cold air from the Himalayas and subsidence of cold air over the region," reported Hindustan Times.

Quoting IMD director-general Mrutyunjay Mohapatra Hindustan Times wrote, "Climatologically, we are moving towards winter."

"Temperature will gradually fall. However, there is subsidence of air over the Delhi-NCR, which is bringing down minimum temperature," the report added.

"There are cold northerly winds, but they are not as strong," Mohapatra was further quoted as saying.

Subsidence, Mohapatra explained, is the downward movement of cold and dry air closer to the surface.

Rainfall activity is also likely to increase because of the influence of strengthening of north-easterly winds.

Widespread rainfall accompanied with isolated thunderstorms and lightning is likely to occur over Tamil Nadu (TN) and Kerala from Wednesday (November 4).

Heavy rainfall is likely to occur over TN from between Wednesday and Friday (November 4 and 6); over Kerala till Thursday (November 5); and over south interior Karnataka on Wednesday and Thursday (November 4 and 5).

Dry weather is likely to prevail over the rest of the country during the next five days.

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