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Durga Idols Made From Waste To Spread Message On Environment Protection

September 20, 2022

In the Dhubri district of Assam, Durga idols with a message to "Save Environment" are ready for exhibition at the ensuing Durga Puja.

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They made these idols from waste- one with single-use plastic waste and the other from coconut waste.

Dhubri's renowned artists-Pradip Kumar Ghosh and Sanjib Basak, have conceptualised and designed these idols.

While Basak has used single-use plastic like plastic utensils, spoons, and bowls to craft Durga Idols, Ghosh has used coconut waste.

The reason for using single-use plastic is to comply with the recent ban on the use of such products.

Speaking to The Assam Tribune, Basak said, "Durga has the power to destroy all the evils of society. If all the single-use plastic is eradicated from the environment, the earth will get a new life."

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"I have seen that the single-use plastic in the garbage is one of the major factors in the stiff increase of natural disasters everywhere," the newspaper further stated, quoting Basak.

"I firmly believe that this 7 feet tall Idol will spread the message of a single-use plastic ban and its effect on the environment and climate change," he added.

"If the festivals could be used as a platform to spread social awareness on a micro-level, then we can see drastic change at the macro level," further added The Assam Tribune quoting the internationally recognised artist.

This is not the first time that Basak has created something unique out of

Basak had earlier crafted idols with used syringes, COVID-19 vaccine bottles, plastic bottles, matchsticks, etc.

Meanwhile, Ghosh, who created a 4-foot-tall Durga idol made from coconut waste, believes that decorative idols should be sustainable and carry messages.

Earlier, he made idols using various waste materials like sugarcane wastes, discarded cycle tubes, plastic bottles and out-of-order home lighting systems, etc.

"The idol is nearly complete, and it aims at spreading the message of current environmental change," Ghosh said, talking to The Assam Tribune.

"This idol will give generate awareness of the environmental change," the artist added.

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