East Garo Hills
Littering in East Garo Hills (Representative Image)

East Garo Hills Police Take Initiative Against Littering

July 22, 2019

The East Garo Hills police have sought cooperation from the public under Section 101 of the Meghalaya Police Act, 2010, for preventing pollution and littering in and around the different tourists' destinations of the district.

East Garo Hills Superintendent of Police RTG Momin has asked the citizens to abstain themselves from causing obstruction, injury or annoyance to passersby or pollution and littering.

"The citizens and the tourists are further requested not to throw away polythene bags in and around the tourists' spots," stated an official circular issued from the SP office.

"Any person found violating the lawful order will be arrested under the provisions of the Meghalaya Police Act, 2010," added the circular.

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Considered as one of the cleanest and greenest of states in India, Meghalaya in the recent past has been bearing the brunt of pollution and littering of tourists places, thanks to the "civilised and intelligent" tourists visiting these places.

Recently, a committee comprising of Mawphlang MLA SK Sun inspected the Umiam lake and said that deposits of garbage and silt have reduced the lifespan of the lake.

"Life of the Umiam lake has been reduced by 41 years i.e. from 100 to 59 years. This is the adverse impact on the life of the Umiam dam was the result of a huge deposit of garbage and silt," the committee said.

"We were surprised to see that the lake today has become a dumping place for all types of garbage," the committee added.

At this juncture when pollution is killing the earth in bits and pieces, the initiative of East Garo Hills police is commendable.

"The police has taken a good step. People need to be sensible and stop littering the tourists' places," says a resident of Williamnagar while interacting with The Story Mug.

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