Man-elephant conflicts in Assam has been on the rise
Man-Elephant conflict. Image Courtesy: NewsClick

Education Can Help Mitigate Man-Elephant Conflicts

November 21, 2019

Man-elephant conflicts in Assam can be mitigated through proper education and by generating awareness on the issue.

This was said by renowned Swiss documentary filmmaker Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky.

"Only through proper education we can mitigate the rising man-elephant conflicts in a state like Assam," she said.

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Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky, who is in Golaghat district of Assam to shoot for her upcoming project, was speaking to the media on Thursday.

"Educating the people on the issue is the first thing to do," she said.

Brigitte Uttar Kornetzky's documentaries like 'Where The Elephant Sleeps' and 'Imagine' have been loved and appreciated worldwide.

"Chasing elephants has become a new sport and youths especially love doing it," she said.

"We need to understand one thing that since their natural habitat has shrunk over the years and the forests have degraded, the elephants are forced to travel miles in search of food," Kornetzky added.

"It's very unfortunate to see these gentle giants being chased away," the noted filmmaker added.

"These are the issues that we need to address holistically and the awareness programmes must be conducted for educating the youths," Kornetzky reiterated.

In October this year, wild elephants killed five persons in 24 hours in Assam's Goalpara district.

"Man-elephant conflicts in Assam has been on the rise in the last few years. We certainly need to take some measure to mitigate it," said Nitul Das, a wildlife enthusiast, to The Story Mug.

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