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Guwahati Faces Major Flood Threat

July 14, 2019

Several areas of Guwahati are reeling under flood owing to the non-stop rain that has hit the city along with rest of the Northeast and Assam in the last few days.

Anil Nagar, parts of Nabin Nagar, portions of Hatigaon and Bahralumukh of the city has been reeling under flood since the past few days.

Residents of these areas have alleged that the authorities concerned are yet to take actions and provide them with any help.

Lack of a scientific sewer system of the city has been attributed to the continuous water-logging in the city.

Moreover, it may be noted here that a major portion of the city's wastes (garbage- both personal and commercial) are directly dumped into the Bharalu, Bahini and other major water outlets of the city and this has catalysed the flooding of the city.

However, the city is expected to face a major flood-like situation in the near future as the meteorological department has announced more rainfall in the upstream of the Brahmaputra.

The Brahmaputra is already swelled and is flowing near to its danger-level mark and in such a situation if the river happens to carry more water then the possibility of Guwahati getting inundated increases by manifolds.

The Assam Tribune quoting sources from the Assam Water Resources Department wrote that if the river rises 50 cm more, floodwaters will submerge the PWD Road in Fancy Bazar area of the city.

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