Guwahati-based St Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School develops software
Guwahati-based St Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School develops software

Guwahati School Develops Software For Online Tests

July 1, 2020

Guwahati-based St Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School has developed software to reach out to its students and their parents.

Called 'Desalite Connect', the software has been developed by the school to conduct online tests and teachers’ evaluations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

School's principal, Father George Thomas said, "The teachers are taking all the responsibilities of providing the school's environment to students while at home."

"We have been carrying out regular online classes via WhatsApp, Google Classes, YouTube and Zoom," Father Thomas added.

"The evaluation of the teachers also has been done through the software developed by the school,” he added.

"Despite the lockdown, we have gained more a lost a very little," the father said.

He further informed that the school initiated the Desalite online fiesta where the students participated in various events with their family members.

The principal further informed that the school has also been conducting parents-teachers meets online via Zoom.

"We have also conducted regular staff meeting on every Saturday via video conference," Father Thomas added.

"Despite being not so tech-savvy, the teachers, however, have been able to make themselves familiar with the latest technology," he added.

"A wide variety of webinar sessions has been conducted by the school. This has helped the students immensely to broaden their skills," he further said.

Father Thomas further added that the online classes have also helped the students to improve their understandings in the subjects of their interests.

St Francis De Sales Higher Secondary School is situated at Narengi area of Guwahati.

It has a total of of1,750 students and 77 teaching and non-teaching staff.

This the first time that a Guwahati-based school has come up with such software of their own to aid online learning during the lockdown.

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