Sexual harassment in the workplace is common
Pechiyammal. Courtesy: PiPa New

Harassment In The Workplace: Woman Disguises As Man For 30 Years To Raise Daughter

May 14, 2022

Harassment in the workplace, for both men and women, is not something new or something that surprises us. Sad but true, it has become a common scene today and most of us are forced to live with it, rather than putting up a fight against it.

But one woman from Tamil Nadu's Thoothukudi district decided to tackle it in her way and she did it so brilliantly for 30 years.

After her husband's death, 15 days after their wedding, the then 20-year-old Pechiyammal decided to disguise herself as a man and took a new name Muthu

She did so to protect herself from facing harassment in the workplace.

Instead of remarrying, Pechiyammal decided to tackle this harassment in her way and hence changed her identity to a man.

Pechiyammal cropped her hair and started wearing a lungi and shirt to look like a man.

Over the past three decades, Pechiyammal aka Muthu has worked in several places in Chennai and Thoothukudi.

Everywhere she worked, she was called ‘Annachi’ (a traditional name for a male).

Muthu was later referred to as ‘Muthu Master’ as she worked in Parotta and tea shops.

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