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HIT: The First Case movie poster

HIT: A Riveting Thriller For Crime Drama Fans

July 1, 2020

In India, the thriller genre is one of the most "badly explored" genre of films and it is hard to understand as to why so? But HIT: The First Case breaks this stereotype.

Directed by debutant Sailesh Kolanu, the movie has an engaging narrative and keeps us engrossed throughout the reel time.

Every time a thriller is to hit the theatres, the makers claim that their movie is different and will hold the audience's attention until the end- a claim which seldom holds true!

However, with HIT: The First Case, director Kolanu delivers the knock out punch and he almost hits the bull's eye!

Produced by actor Nani (of Makkhi and Jersey) fame, HIT: The First Case has Vishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma, Murali Sharma, Brahmaji in pivotal roles.

The story focusses on Vikram (Vishwak Sen)- a police officer suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to a past trauma. He works for the Homicide Intervention Team (HIT) of the Hyderabad police department.

Unable to strike a balance between his traumatic past and professional life, Vikram decides to go on six months leave.

During this period he learns that his girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma) goes missing with the needle of suspicion also pointed towards him as well.

He comes back from the sabbatical and takes up the case of a separate missing girl, (Preeti), which, however, is connected with the "abduction" of Neha.

The way he finds all the leads and follows the various tracks and finally cracks the case is what HIT is all about.

Vishwak Sen is terrific as Vikram and this arguably is his best performance of his career so far.


A screengrab from the movie HIT


With brilliant cinematography and an impeccable storyline, the story never loses focus even for a split second.

In fact, HIT: The First Case doesn’t waste too much time on the crimes and its perpetrator.

On the contrary, it invests in its characters and effectively succeeds in building the mood and atmosphere.

Every character is explained in details and established firmly and at no point do we feel the makers tried introducing an extra character.

Every character has their own specific, defined and distinguished role and they perform their part with utmost perfection.

Background score of a thriller is its soul and the pulsating background score by Vivek Sagar is one of the other brilliant aspects of HIT: The First Case.

The movie ends with a hint of a sequel in the pipeline, and we really wish we have a second instalment of the movie for it has all the qualities to become a franchise.

The movie was released in February 28, 2020, and is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Even though a dubbed version in Hindi is also available on YouTube, however, we suggest, please skip this version.

PS: Dear Bollywood, please don't remake this brilliant movie in Hindi and ruin it!

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