Jyoti: Chennai Teenager Who Overcame Disabilities

May 9, 2019

Jyoti, an 18-year-old girl from Chennai has overcome a lot of disabilities in life and made the saying "when a door closes, another opens" true and today she stands as a source of inspiration and motivation for many.

Even though most of us may not believe in this saying, but Chennai's 18-year-old Jyoti has not only conquered her visual impairment since birth, but she has also set an example to many.

Her visual impairment since birth did not stop her from doing what she loves the most - singing!

Currently pursuing a BA in music, Jyoti also teaches children to play the violin.

Jyoti recently recorded a track for music composer GV Prakash for his upcoming album Adangathey, becoming one of the very few singers with multiple disabilities to foray into Kollywood playback music.

Her mother, 45-year-old Kalaichelvi says, "This did not come easy. Jyothi was not a child prodigy, we both worked hard to bring her to where she is."

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"My daughter’s blindness made every task challenging, and just two days after birth, a hole was diagnosed in her intestine. We fought many odds during the first two-three years because she developed sleeping disorders too,” says the single parent.

“I didn’t even know if she would live at that point but now, to some extent, Jyothi understands the world better and I try to keep her productively occupied. She is learning to use the computer and can type 40 words in a minute,” says the proud mother.

SOURCE: LinkedIn

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