Kharchi Puja rituals in Tripura
Kharchi Puja rituals in Tripura

Kharchi Puja Begins In Tripura

June 29, 2020

Kharchi Puja, one of the most important festivals of Tripura, began at Khayerpur in West Tripura district on Sunday morning amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Kharchi Puja is celebrated for a week, during which 14 deities forming the dynasty deity of the Tripuri people are worshipped.

The word "Kharchi" is derived from the word "Khya" which means "Earth" and Kharchi Puja is basically done to worship the earth.

Every single ritual is of tribal origin and this includes worshipping 14 gods and (Mother) Earth.

Kharchi Puja is performed to wash out the sins and to clean the post-menstrual phase of "Mother Earth's menstruation".

The Puja, hence, is performed for seven consecutive days and on the seventh day the fourteen gods are carried to river "Saidra" by the members of "Chantai".

The idols of the deities are bathed in the holy water and are brought back to the temple and they are again placed in the temple.

Animal sacrifice is also an important part of this festival and includes the sacrificing of goats and pigeons.

It has been celebrated in Tripura for the past 500 years.

Kharchi Puja usually begins with a lot of fanfare, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the formal inauguration programme was cancelled.

The head priest, who is known as Raj Chantai, opened the Chaturdash Devata temple after a ceremonial procession and he offered prayers marking the beginning of the Kharchi Puja festivities.

Even though the temple was well-illuminated for the festival, there was no congregation of devotees.

Additional security forces have been deployed in and around the temple to strictly enforce the COVID-19 guidelines like social distancing and wearing of masks.

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb greeted the people on the auspicious occasion.

“This year the puja will be performed in the most restricted way due to COVID-19 pandemic. I pray to Chaturdash Devata (fourteen deities) to give us the strength to overcome the pandemic,” he said in a Facebook post.

MLA Ratan Chakraborty said this time only the rituals will be performed and devotees will not be allowed to offer prayers at the temple.

“We urge the people to offer prayers to Chaturdash Devata from their respective homes. If the situation improves, there will be a mega-event next year,” he said.

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