Mary Kom tackling her opponent

Mary Kom Wins At Indian Boxing League

December 6, 2019

Mary Kom of Punjab Panthers defeated Ingrit Lorena Valencia of Bombay Bullets 5-2 in the Big Bout Indian Boxing League on Thursday.

This was the second successive victory for the Panthers in boxing league played in Greater Noida.

The 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Mary Kom won by a unanimous decision against the 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Lorena Valencia.

The Panthers got a head start through Uzbekistan's Youth Olympic Games champion Abdulmalik Khalakov and India's PL Prasad, but after Manoj Kumar lost to Bullets' Naveen Boora (69 kg) the picture wasn't rosy.

This meant Mary Kom, the Panthers' captain, had to produce something special against her Colombian opponent and she did exactly the same and impressed the judges in the three rounds and won the bout.

The Big Bout Indian Boxing League is country's first boxing league under the aegis of the Boxing Federation of India.

The league has players from six teams battling against each other where each team will play against each other in a round-robin format- which is called a tie.

Each tie consists of 5 matches and total match time is 90 minutes and each match is decided on the basis of three rounds.

The teams comprise of both men and women's pugilist and consist of both Indian and foreign players and each team consist of 14 players.

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