Mother's Day special article
Nirmali Nath (Left) and Monroe Gogoi (right) with husband and son

Mother's Day Special: Mighty Moms On Mighty Wheels

May 9, 2021

Mother's Day is a special occasion to thank all the mothers across as it is for them we are able to witness and experience this beautiful life.

Today, apart from being the perfect homemaker, a mother is known to perform several and diverse roles and this Mother's Day, we speak about two such special mothers who have broken several stereotypes.

It is rather common these days to see women taking on multiple roles juggling between their professional and personal lives, but how many of them have we seen who give themselves the chance to also follow their dreams.

Two such wonderful women from Assam- Nirmali Nath and Monroe Gogoi- are setting an example to all mothers that passion can be pursued without compromising daily household chores and professional life.

It is just a matter of setting one’s priorities right and learning to manage them.

The love for motorcycle riding and the support from their families have encouraged them to continue with their passion for riding a motorcycle.

One of the most prominent faces from the riding community who has been working tirelessly is Nirmali Nath. She is an avid Royal Enfield rider, traveller and social worker.

Her 18-year-old daughter is her source of strength and encouragement who takes pride in her mother’s achievements.

Sharing her daughter’s feelings, Nirmali relates, “When I had gone to Cholamu lake, the highest lake in India, my daughter had posted on her social media of how proud she feels about me and telling me to live my dreams."

"She has been encouraging me throughout," Nirmali adds further.

"At times when I am a little apprehensive and depressed about certain things, she tells me to go ahead and live my life," she further said.

"She has been the brain behind my flood relief campaign last year where I have received handsome contributions from several quarters," Nirmali further said.

"It was her recommendation to use my network and raise some funds to help the flood-affected families in Assam,”  she added.

Her love for travelling and exploring places, experiencing different cultures is what mainly led Nirmali to purchase her first motorcycle - 350CC Royal Enfield in 2014.

She has been following her passion for riding a motorcycle.  Since then, she has traversed various terrains, covered all union territories except the Andamans and has travelled to Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand and is planning to fulfil her dream of a world tour on her bike.

Monroe, another young and inspiring mother has several achievements to her credit.

An alumnus of Cotton College, Monroe was trained by Tenzing Norgay National Awardee RR Thakur at the Banala Sports Academy in Adventure Sports.

She has led various expeditions- the intermediate biking expedition to Himachal Pradesh, trekking at the Pir Panjal ranges, Dhauladhar Ranges and few treks in Uttarakhand.

While talking about her passion and support from her family, Monroe mentions, “During the very recent ride with Funshine Royal Enfield during the Sukafa Riders Motorcycling Club Charity Ride on Independence Day, my father-in-law Dulal Phukan came along with my son to cheer me up at the event."

"This was my first riding event post-pregnancy and the motivation, the support I have received from my in-laws was immense and I only pray it remains the same," she added.

"Besides, one interesting fact is that I met my husband Dipjyoti Phukan in Delhi post the Ladakh Ride in 2013 and again in 2016 during North East Riders Meet in Meghalaya," she further said.

"Accidentally, during both these rides, this prompted us into acknowledging the fact that the roads were meant to be ventured, together," she added.

"He has been my rock ever since and I know from here, I, Dipjyoti and our son Girik will keep exploring life in nature," she further said.

Monroe is a mother of a 2-year-old kid and wants all mothers to be bold to pursue kindness and stand up for themselves.

"No matter which role you play, own it because no one can do it better than you," she said.

"Motherhood is challenging and at times nerve-wracking yet only you can find yourself the time to pamper and acknowledge the beauty of your soul, the courage of your heart and the peace of your mind," she added.

Mother's Day or no Mother's Day, we should always remain indebted to the mothers and encourage them in everything they are good at.

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