Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio
Nagaland CM Neiphiu Rio

Nagaland Issues Advisory For Events

The invitation to a wedding ceremony and reception may be staggered to avoid crowding. The wedding ceremony and reception invitations should indicate the time slot for the respective invitees

November 20, 2020

Nagaland government on November 17 had issued a fresh advisory for events such as weddings and other social events to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The advisory has been issued by the Nagaland government to encourage the use of digital platforms to minimise physical contact.

The advisory has listed out a set of specifications to be followed before and after the events.

Before the event

  • The wedding/marriage/event should be planned by keeping in mind full compliance with the SOPs which have been issued from time to time for preventing the spread of COVID-19
  • The event should be held preferably in open space, or in a well-ventilated hall
  • The event, if held in closed place/indoor, should be limited to half the sitting capacity or 100 people, whichever is less
  • If held in open space, the invitees should be staggered or limited so as to allow adequate physical distancing at the venue
  • The invitation to a wedding ceremony and reception may be staggered to avoid crowding
  • The wedding ceremony and reception invitations should indicate the time slot for the respective invitees
  • COVID-19 safety precautions with regard to mandatory wearing of a mask and maintaining physical distance at the venue should be printed on the invitation card
  • Hand washing facility or hand sanitizers should be arranged at the entry/exit. Extra masks should be arranged by organizers for those who may come without a mask
  • Use of digital platforms may be optimally used to minimize contact, such as video live streaming, e-card invitation, online account transfer of wedding gift, etc
  • People aged 60 years and above, children below 10 years, people with other co-morbid conditions, pregnant women, immuno-compromised persons, and people with symptoms such as fever and/or cough should not attend the wedding or reception
  • As far as possible, take-away food packages may be encouraged
  • Adequate facilities should be arranged to avoid crowding and ensure physical distancing at the following points: entry and exit points, hand washing points, toilets, gift reception, serving tables, dining tables, etc
  • Proper signage/information should be displayed to encourage COVID appropriate behaviour.
  • Adequate social distancing measures should be put in place through the use of chalk marks, tape, floor stickers, signs, furniture, etc
  • No weddings or social events shall be allowed in the containment zone, and any person from a declared containment zone should refrain from attending such events
  • The organisation of the wedding and/or reception should be informed to the local police/ administrative authorities well in advance as notified by the District Task Force
  • The District Task Force shall ensure that the arrangements are inspected by a representative of the District Task Force and are found to be satisfactory

During the event

  • Volunteers/Stewards should ensure that all guests wear masks and sanitize their hands while entering the venue
  • Masks may be handed to those who come without a mask
  • Volunteers/stewards should also ensure that the seating arrangement is not changed/moved which may compromise social distancing
  • They will monitor that all safety protocols are followed throughout the event
  • The windows and doors should be opened for better natural ventilation for events held indoors. Use of ACs should be avoided
  • The organizers will be responsible for maintaining the guests/attendees/workers list with contact numbers, which should be made available to the District Task Force representatives if required later on for contact tracing
  • The event should be kept as short as possible
  • The guests should be encouraged to enter the venue in small batches maintaining an adequate physical distance
  • They may assess the situation from outside before entering the venue so that crowding is avoided
  • Shaking hands should be avoided and removing of mask for photo session may be avoided as far as possible
  • Frequently touched surfaces should he sanitized periodically with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution. Surfaces susceptible to corrosion should be sanitized with 70% alcohol disinfectant
  • Volunteers and workers at the gift reception counter and serving tables should also wear gloves and maintain strict hygiene along with gloves
  • Spitting is prohibited in public places and the same should be ensured
  • Wastes should be disposed of safely using gloves and disinfectants
  • Prolonged socializing or leisurely gathering after the event or post-marriage celebration/partying should be strictly avoided

Nagaland, in the last five days, has reported 710 new COVID-19 infections and two deaths.

As of November 19, the COVID-19 tally in Nagaland stands at 10,460 out of 1,07,276 samples that have been tested. The death toll in the pandemic is 48.

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