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Pet Photography Photoshoot For Kute Pets Table Top Pet Calendar Held In Guwahati

Photoshoots like these will create awareness among the people regarding animal abuse and introduce all to a whole new world of animal love and care

December 6, 2021

The second edition of the Kute Pets Pet Photography photoshoot was held successfully at the Lal Singh Playground in Kharghuli on December 5, 2021 (Sunday).

A photoshoot of a total of 24 pets- 12 cats and 12 dogs- was carried out by ace fashion photographer Anup Baruah and his team.

The pets were selected based on their votes in the Kute Pets Pet Photography contest held online from October 31, 2021, to November 20, 2021. The photographs will feature in the Kute Pets' yearly table-top calendar.

"People in the northeast have a vague idea about pet photography, and to make them aware of this wonderful genre of photography, we launched northeast's first pet photography contest in 2020," informed proprietor of Kute Pets JP Nath.

"The contest is simple. People send photographs of their pets to us, and we upload the same on our Facebook page. The winner is selected based on the number of likes and shares a photograph receives. Only dogs' photographs were included in the calendar last year in the first edition. However, we decided to include cats as well this time around. Each page of the calendar will feature the photograph of one cat and a dog each," further informed the owner of the Guwahati-based multistore veterinary clinic and pet shop.

"I am glad to be associated with this unique photography contest. I have seen people shower immense love towards the street animals and feed them even while staying hungry. This photography contest is also a strong message against animal abuse," said Anup Baruah.

Owners of pets taking part in the competition expressing their happiness said that occasions like these are an excellent platform for their pets to showcase their talents as they cannot express themselves.

Many believe that photoshoots like these will create awareness among the people regarding animal abuse and introduce all to a whole new world of animal love and care.

"It is sad to see that even in this era of social media and the internet, where the whole world has become a global village, pet photography is still not that popular in our region. This photoshoot will help immensely in creating this awareness," said a participant.

Kute Pets Pet photography team

Kute Pets pet photography team

The photography contest has been sponsored by Opuspet, along with Pedigree, SkyEC, SmartHeart, and Drools and the organisers aim to bring out the calendar towards the end of this month.

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