Sujata and Niyor, the brains behind Pizzaata

Pizzaata: Bringing The Canvas Alive

May 20, 2022

What was your first reaction when you first read the spelling Pizzaata? Thinking? Well, don’t know about you, but the moment I heard the name I felt as if was some kind of a food hub whose speciality was in various types of pizzas!

Well, I was wrong by several miles here. Pizzaata has nothing to do with pizza (technically) or food. It is the brainchild of two artistic individuals- Sujata Bayan and Niyorjyoti Das- who come from two various backgrounds.

It is said that history is scripted when two creative individuals cross paths and history repeated itself when Sujata and Niyor crossed paths. The two collaborated and formed a unique house of art and illustration, which is gradually climbing the ladder of popularity.

Let’s know more about Pizzaata and the brains behind it directly from them.

Story Behind The Name Pizzaata

Niyarjyoti: Sujata used to make random illustrations of me, herself, and her sister and they were quite appealing. I then suggested that she make an Instagram page where she can post all her illustrations. After making a few more, we thought we can make gift items. Also, the main point was to make them affordable. In fact, we have heard from our customers only that we are selling at a very cheap rate. Actually, my idea was that Sujata would receive a push when she earns from her creativity and that worked.

Sujata: If you’re asking about the name, then there is no story. I love pizza and my name is Sujata. I mixed the two words, and that’s it.

Roles Played

Niyarjyoti: Sujata does everything. I only review her works and make sure that she doesn’t make any mistakes. Initially, I gave her suggestions and instructions, but now she does complete work on her own.

Sujata: I work on the illustrations, page maintenance, and shipping of the orders and Niyar keeps a track of the money. My mathematics skills are negative. To be honest, he keeps track of everything, literally everything. How much work has been done, when to send… Every other detail… He is the manager... for me and the page.

Difference Between Pizzaata And Other Such Platforms

Niyarjyoti: As mentioned earlier, our page emerged because of a hobby. Doing business through it was never an intention. The charges of our illustrations are minimal even now. We charge only the cost of the frame and it is charged only if the customer orders it from us. Apart from it, we charge a minimal amount for packaging and delivery. We give a detailed breakdown of every item used in order along with the price for maintaining transparency.

Sujata- Niyar has already said what I had on my mind. I second his answer.

Research And Study For Keeping Updated

Sujata: Instagram keeps us updated. There are various pages that talk about art and kinds of stuff and show different art forms, and how we can make simple and difficult art with the stationery that we have in our homes.

An illustration by Pizzaata

First Order Of Pizzaata

Sujata: We got our first order from a friend of one of my friends. I made an illustration for my friend. She posted the photo in her story and it went kind of viral (for us); got several compliments, likes, and shares. We were overwhelmed. Then my friend messaged me and told me that her friend also wants an illustration for the food blogging page. We talked to her; it was not paid because she was the first one to ask us to make an illustration so; we didn’t charge her. After that, it has been going smoothly.

Best And Worst Compliments

Sujata: The best compliments that we have got are from our parents, I would say. My Maa asked me once, “What do you do on your phone all day? It won’t take much time for you to go blind.” I asked her to sit with me and showed her all the illustrations that I had made. She was amazed and told, “I didn’t know you can do all these kinds of stuff.” Now she tells our relatives with pride that I do this and that. Now, people know a bit, some people even order from me…

Till now we have received no negative compliments, to be honest. In future, if we get any, we’ll welcome that too with a smile on our faces.

Other Areas Apart From Illustration

Sujata: I’m into designing and anchoring. Apart from illustration, I make posters, and I have also done anchoring in various events. I also like to click pictures, mine and for others too. Niyar is a fan of my photography skills.

Niyarjyoti:  Sujata already answered the question. I would like to add a few lines. She is really talented in this area. Be it photography, logo designing, illustration, or editing videos. She has also won the first prize in a logo making competition for an organisation.

Managing Time Between Studies And Work

Niyarjyoti: I think this answer will be best if answered by the artist herself.

Sujata: Truly speaking, at first I thought it would be difficult to manage time for studies and for work at the same time. But nothing there is like that. Whenever there is an order or pending work, I make a schedule for that. As I make the illustrations on the phone, whenever I get time I work on them. That’s how I balance time for both, and the work never came between me and my studies.

Plans For Expansion

Niyajyoti: Right now, at this moment, we are planning to work only on the illustration orders that we receive. But definitely, we might introduce new products as well. But right now _pizzaata is at a nascent stage. Do show some love to our page: @_pizzaata

Sujata: I agree with what Niyar said. At this point in time, we both are occupied with our academics. Besides orders, we do not have any other plans for now. But in the future, we’ll definitely like to make “@_pizzaata” a known face for everyone. We started it together from the grassroots, and hope to take it to another level together as well.

Message From Pizzaata For Illustrators Reading This Article

Sujata: Anything and everything you guys are doing currently is the best thing. Your work inspires me every day.


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