Passionate Photographer Jiban Mazumder

Meet Passionate Photographer Jiban Mazumder

October 25, 2021

Jiban Mazumdar is a photographer by passion and he loves to click everything that is around him and that manages to get his attention.

He loves nature and he can spend an ample amount of time amid nature.

Apart from being a passionate photographer, he is also a big foodie and runs a popular Facebook food page.

He was one of the winners of the online photography competition Lens Speak organised by The Story Mug on the occasion of World Photography Day, 2021.

He was declared a winner in the outdoor photography category.

He has also shared a photo essay with us and one can view the photographs here.

In conversation with us, Jiban Mazumdar speaks at length about the photographer within him and his passion for photography.

TSM: When did the photographer's bug bite you?

Jiban: Well can't say exactly. It started suddenly.

TSM: What was the first photograph you clicked?

Jiban: I can't recall the exact subject as of now, however, as far as I can remember it must have been a flower.

TSM: What is your favourite subject?

Jiban: Sunset. I can spend the whole evening watching and clicking sunset.

TSM: Who have/has been your inspiration/inspirations.

Jiban: To be very honest no one. But I loved the story of Alan McFadyen who spent 6 years to get the picture of the kingfisher touching water vertically.

TSM: What's your process of composing and framing a shot?

Jiban: Technically I'm not at all sound so I shot what my eye find beautiful.

TSM: One change that you would like to bring to your photography skill?

Jiban: There are many changes needed actually. I have much more things to learn.

TSM: Any message for The Story Mug readers?

Jiban: Earlier I used to think for good photography a good device is needed. To some extent it's true but not every time. I won Gold Medal and Bronze Medal on a national level platform in the open category with a 13mp mobile camera. So just keep clicking may be out of 1000 one will be perfect and that will change everything.

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