Parismita Gogoi

I Wish To Fill Every Second Of My Life With Colours: Parismita Gogoi

April 17, 2021

Parismita Gogoi is a young and immensely talented artist from Assam who has been slowly but gradually climbing the success ladder and creating a name for herself in the field of art.

During the COVID-19-induced lockdown in 2020, she learned the nitty-gritty of charcoal art and her sketches became hot-favourite when she uploaded the pictures online. Apart from accolades in abundance, she also began getting orders in large numbers.

In conversation with Partha Prawal, Parismita Gogoi speaks at length about her journey, her inspirations, her work and her plans for the future.

Partha: How and when did you get attracted to art?

Parismita: I began drawing from the age of 5 and drew whatever came to my mind. As time went by, I began participating in the competitions and even won a few medals and the journey has continued since then.

My childhood was truly amazing as I spent most of the time with and among colours.

Partha: What has been your training like?

Parismita: My mother has been my first teacher and it was she who taught me how should I hold a pencil and draw on a blank page. Wherever she used to see a good picture, she used to buy it for me so that I can learn something new.

She shared ideas with me and prepared me for the art competitions as well. When she saw my enthusiasm in art and colours, she enrolled me at Rangam Art School in Jakhalabandha and I continued to learn the nitty-gritty about fine arts for 6 years and the Class X board exams forced me to leave the course midway and I could not complete it.

And when I left my hometown to pursue higher studies, my lessons on art remained incomplete and I was not happy at all.

Meanwhile, I began watching the interviews of artists on YouTube and started practising and gradually the I improved. And whenever I met anyone from the field, I asked them questions after questions and cleared my every doubt.

The process of development is an ongoing one and I am still polishing myself.

I also did a couple of jobs so that I can pay my bills, but at last, I took a little risk and left my job as I want to devote my every breath to art. I also began teaching and mentoring and gradually I began to receive new art projects, art and craft orders and these gave me immense happiness.

Partha: Which was the first work that made you pat your own back?

Parismita: The first work that made me pat my own back is the figure drawing of a mother with her baby because I learned figure drawing on my own

Partha: What drives you into creating new artwork?

Parismita: I love this question.

Well, I see art in everything. I have got a treasury of creative ideas on my mind. So I always go with something new.

I simply cannot sit idle or take a break from my artwork. I want to fill every second of life with colours.

If I don't have a canvas to paint, then I do some different kinds of art that don't require a canvas. For example face art, digital art, tattoo pen art etc do not require a canvas.

I just keep moving with my brush and keep on colouring the world.

Partha: How would you describe the colours of your artwork?

Parismita: In my artwork, I mostly use bright colours because these make me happy as they carry a touch of positive vibe. At the same time, I also love playing with cool colours like blues and purples.

Partha: Once completed, does your opinion about your artwork change if you keep looking at it for long? If so, what is it?

Parismita Gogoi: Yes, it does change sometimes if I keep looking at it for long.

At times I want to redo the work and provide more detailing and looking constantly also bring bundles of ideas to the mind.

Sometimes I feel like I missed out on something and add some object or the other and add some extra colours to give it a more unique look.

Partha: Do you find any difference in your approach when you art for self and art for clients?

Parismita: As I have said that art is everything for me, so I don't find any difference in my approach when I art for myself or art for a client. Because I give the same effort, same time, and the same emotion is attached in both.

I do art with my heart and soul. Honestly, I don't paint for money. People love my artwork and I sell them only because of this love. They come to my place just to take a glimpse of my art and craftwork.

Partha: Any professional experience that you would like to forget?

Parismita: No, that day hasn't arrived yet.

Partha: How would you describe your artwork?

Parismita: My art is rooted in various themes and mediums. I study a particular art theme and then go on to experience it. My style is uniquely my own. I draw what I want to see. Mostly I love playing with pencils on paper, brushes on canvas and mouse on the screen. Right now I am specialising in portraits and illustrations.

An art by Parismita gogoi

Partha: What are the topics you would like to create on a canvas?

Parismita: On a canvas, I would like to create the shades of sky, waves of ocean and emotions of my soul.

Partha: Does any part of your work reflect any of your unexpressed internal emotions?

Parismita: Till now, no.

Partha: If asked to close your eyes and think of a particular painting of yours, what would be that?

Parismita Gogoi: The charcoal portraits that I have captured from a photographer's lens.

Partha: How do you prepare yourself when you begin a new assignment?

Parismita: Before beginning a new assignment, I study the subject deeply. I make up my mind with the creative thoughts, and then with the required materials, I seat for my assignment.

And yes one more thing, I do stay away from my mobile phone as I don't want any kind of distractions.

Partha: Who has inspired you the most?

Parismita: From starting my mother has inspired me a lot and then the colours and the world around me. In a nutshell- my inspiration is God's creation.

Partha: Do you read about art, colours and paintings?

Parismita: Yes, I do read about art, colours and paintings.

Partha: What are your plans for the future?

Parismita: All I can say at this moment is to improve myself in this field and become a successful artist.

And I strongly trust that whatever hard work you do in the present will lead you to your future plans.

Partha: Any message for our readers?

Parismita Gogoi: Live your life the way you want to. Give time to your hobbies, give time to your passion. Make one goal and just by giving all your heart and soul go for it. No one can stop you from reaching your goal. Just don't lose your focus. Stick to it.

Clear the hurdles of your life and take the trophy to your home. Never let anything stop you from reaching your goal. Just keep on moving because you are just one step away from your dream.

An artwork by Parismita Gogoi

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