Prakash Kumar is an actor and also an author

Prakash Kumar: Writing Demands Honesty

January 29, 2022

Prakash Kumar is an actor, a Hatha yoga instructor, a businessman and a budding author. He has acted in many theatre plays, TV serials, music video albums, short – films and web series.

Apart from the aforementioned traits, Prakash Kumar has also been smitten by the writer's bug. He has always loved writing but never thought of becoming an author.

His Hindi poetries have been published in several books and on digital platforms. He has been appreciated for his works many times. He is a man with positive energy and loves taking up new challenges in life. He believes that there is no work that a human being can’t perform if he/she is ready to learn new skills. He is sensitive, friendly-cum-fun loving person who likes to be in the lap of nature. He is looking forward to grow in his life- both personally and professionally. He is sure that people would like his first English novel ‘Crazy She Stupid I' as it deals with school memories.

In conversation with The Story Mug, Prakash Kumar speaks at length about his journey and his works

TSM: Before we begin, our readers would like to know you better. Can you please share your backstory of what brought you to your specific career path?

Prakash Kumar: First of all I would like to thank everyone for such a good response to the novel. I am an actor, a yoga instructor, a businessman and a budding author. Therefore it's difficult to be specific about any specific profession. Well, the backstory of all these professions are sacrifices, smart work, dedication and honesty.

TSM: Tell us some of your journey as an author?

Prakash Kumar: I always liked writing and kept writing but have never thought of becoming an author. Some of my works have been published in several books and on digital platforms. Writing is a difficult job. You need to put your soul in order to write something good. My wonderful memories of school days and my bonding with it helped me a lot to write this novel and become an author.

TSM: What is your book "Crazy She Stupid I" about?

Prakash Kumar: Crazy She Stupid I is a novel that will take you back to your school days, which has lots and lots of memories of that time. This book will definitely make you recall your childhood friends, your primary teachers, your special ones for whom you felt something very special for the very first time. You are going to enjoy those special feelings that arise in your heart for the first time while reading this book. For more, kindly do read the book.

Prakash Kumar has written the book Crazy Stupid I

TSM: What inspired you to write this book?

Prakash Kumar: Those golden memories of my school days. The amazing time spent with friends and those beautiful moments shared with that special girl made me write this novel.

TSM: What are the skills, both personal and professional, you need to perform successfully at work? How did you develop these skills?

Prakash Kumar: You need to be dedicated, devoted and honest. If you have these three skills then you would excel in your work.

If you have that fire in you to perform that specific work, let it be anything, these skills would develop in you automatically. I am still learning, trying to develop and grow myself both personally and professionally.

TSM: How do you balance your life both as an actor and an author?

Prakash Kumar: Both these arts of acting and writing need strong imagination power. You have to forget yourself and get into different characters which you would play on screen or pen down in a book. Therefore you need to devote a good time to both these professions. Sometimes balancing your life with these professions becomes difficult but I like challenges so it gets managed.

TSM: Are you planning for your next book?

Prakash Kumar: I haven’t thought anything about it yet but I may go for it in the coming future.

TSM: Your views about readers in India?

Prakash Kumar: There are good readers in India if you write good content. Medium has changed as everyone has a small magical instrument called mobile where they have everything, many youngsters prefer reading online to the print format. Reading is such a habit that can’t be expected from each and every individual.

TSM: What advice would you love to give to budding authors?

Prakash Kumar: Haha... I am not that big an author to give advice yet...Ha ha...Only one thing that I would like to share is writing requires many sleepless nights of yours and continuous efforts. Don’t expect any income from it in the beginning. Keep writing honestly and it would pay you back after some time.

TSM: Share with us your experience in publishing your book?

Prakash Kumar: This is the most difficult part for any writer to get his/her book published. There are so many publishing houses here that make lots of promises which they fail to keep. I enquired about various publications but finally got Griffin Publication, thanks to Bhagyashree, who is also the editor of this novel. I talked to Mousumi who helped me a lot in this journey and published my novel. She made sure that everything happens perfectly let it be the cover page, the quality of the book or the font of words. She is a good human being has become a good friend of mine.

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