Ponmagal Vandhal
Poster of Ponmagal Vandhal. Courtesy: Koimoi

Ponmagal Vandhal: A Confused Tale Of Revenge

June 4, 2020

Ever since the trailer and promos of Jyothika starrer Tamil movie Ponmagal Vandhal went on-air on Amazon Prime, a curiosity had built up within me.

By the initial looks of it, I felt Ponmagal Vandhal is going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride and after many weeks I shall witness a cracking thriller.

Some 30 minutes into the film and I could guess as to in which direction is the story heading towards and by intermission, the story was crystal clear.

A daughter is on a mission to prove that her mother was wrongfully accused in a serial killing case 15 years ago and that the truth was way too different then what was narrated then.

With a strong theme of child sexual abuse, Ponmagal Vandhal had a solid base and it could have been extremely gripping had the writers thought of keeping the story straight, simple and less confusing.

Adding to its miseries, the film also suffers from lousy sentiments and extremely flat aspects and no character development of the other important characters around whom the story revolves.

The core theme of Ponmagal Vandhal is extremely sensitive and I don't recall there has been many movies made in any Indian language till date.

Jyothika has always been brilliant when it comes to keeping someone engaged in the language of her eyes and she does that exceptionally well in Ponmagal Vandhal as well.

But apart from that, there is not much in this 120-minute film.

I feel sorry for JJ Fredrick- who debuted as a director with this film.

With such a confusing script and inconsequential plot twists, Fredrick did try to bring some life into the final product by improvising certain sequences and scenes.

Sadly though, these moments are irrelevant when compared with the confusing writing and choppy performances of the actors.

Watching or skipping the movie is not going to make much of a difference but if you have enough time to spare, you can invest 120 minutes.

If you wish, you can also skip-watch the movie as skipping a few scenes makes no impact in understanding it.


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