Rape in Guwahati

Rape In Guwahati! Reveals A 10-Rupee Note

February 11, 2021

Don't know if the message is true or fake, but even it has an iota of truth then there has been an incident of rape and the rapist is on the loose.

The incident has occurred in Assam, most probably in Guwahati, on January 1, 2021.

The message was found by a customer while he had visited a popular chain in Guwahati's Belota area.

In the 10-rupee note, which the customer received after paying his bill, he found a hand-written message that reports of the possible rape.

"Trishit Dey rape 7-year-old girl J*** Das (Assam) 1-1-2021. Rape city, Guwahati," is what the message reads.

The customer, after reading the message, was in a state of shock and he asked the staff of the restaurant as to from where did they get the note.

The staff, however, could not recall as to who gave them the note.

Did the victim herself write the message or is it a bad prank, is not clear.

If the 7-year-old was raped for real, then the culprit must be arrested at the earliest.

Seeking justice and more information about the rape, the customer shared a photograph of the note in various WhatsApp groups.

After receiving the photograph, a friend of the customer tweeted the photo and tagged Assam CM Sarbanada Sonowal, health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and a few media houses.

She has made an appeal to everyone to share the image as much as they can and also inform the Assam police about the incident so that the culprit can be nabbed and put behind the bars and the victim can get justice.

"If someone can identify the victim, then I would request her and her parents to come forward and lodge an FIR with the police. One should not remain silent," she said seeking anonymity.

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