Rashmi Narzary
Rashmi Narzary. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Rashmi Narzary Highlights Power Of Digital World

November 5, 2019

The digital world is expanding at a rapid pace and it is one of the strongest forms of media in the present day, said renowned author Rashmi Narzary.

"Social media platforms like Facebook have both positive and a negative side," the Sahitya Akademi Award-winning author added.

"However, we should adhere only to the positive ones," Narzary reiterated.

"A write-up published in Facebook can reach millions of readers and one can become a celebrated author overnight," she said.

The award-winning author was speaking at an interactive talk titled ‘Depreciation of Youth's strength and its Impact on Society’.

She urged the parents to not just focus on the negative impacts of social media and the digital world.

"Parents should understand the power of the digital world," she said.

"The digital world has a lot of positives in it and parents should focus on these more," she added.

"Parents should teach their children about the good and the bad of social media," she said.

"Only parents can guide their children to not get misdirected or misguided," she added.

She also called upon the youths to use social media and the digital world in a positive way.

In her talk, Narzary repeatedly urged the youths to not misuse the power of social media.

"Knowing the proper use of the social media and the digital world will help you shine in different fields of your life," Narzary said.

Organised by Abhigyanam- a Nalbari- based social trust, the interactive talk was held in Bahjani area of the district.

It was attended by people from various walks of life including doctors, professors, and students of the area.

Rashmi Narzary was awarded the 2016 Sahitya Akademi Bal Puraskar for her book His Share of Sky.

The book is a charming and unusually perceptive meditation on a rural childhood.

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