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Short-Film From Assam At International Fests

July 17, 2019

Kuldip Medhi, a filmmaker from Assam, has brought laurel to the state as his short-film Saoli has been selected for the competition section of the 5th Figueira Da Foz International Film Festival (Film Art 2019) in Portugal and the 14th Marbella International Film Festival 2019 in Spain.

Participated by 123 countries, the festivals witnessed the entry of around 2885 films and out of these, only 67 short-films were selected and Medhi's Saoli makes the list.

Film Art 2019 will take place from September 5 to September 15, 2019, in Lisbon.

The Spanish festival will be held in Marbella from October 2 to October 6, 2019.

Success So Far

Saoli has been constantly gaining attraction from filmmakers across the country and so far it has been selected in several film festivals in the country including the Ahmadabad International Children Film Festival 2019, Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2019 in Mumbai, Crown Wood International Film Festival 2019 in Kolkata, Banaras Film Festival 2019 in Varanasi, Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2019, National Documentary & Short Film Festival 2019 at Thrissur.

And its success journey not just ends in being selected and it has won several awards in plenty of film festivals bringing laurels to Assam.

The movie has won accolades at various film festivals held in Kolkata, Pune, Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, Mumbai and Chennai.


Produced by Suren Medhi and Shrutidhara Medhi, Saoli narrates the tale of a girl from Assam whose skin complexion is dark.

It beautifully brings out the emotion of the little girl who constantly has to face the "social abuses and nags" for being born dark, which makes her feel inferior to many others.

Dialogues of the film have been penned down in Sadri language.

This 7.8-minute short-film primarily narrates the life of the tea-tribes community of Assam and interestingly every actor who has acted in the movie is well connected to the tea-tribe communities and they reside in places nearby to the areas where the movie was primarily shot.

Seven-year-old Jishna Bordoloi portrays the protagonist's role and she is aptly supported by a number of other talented actors.

The scenes and the moods of the movie are captured in the camera by Pranab Haloi and Debajit Gayan has designed the sound for the film. Manoj Sarma has composed the music for the film.

Every member associated with the movie is excited about the festivals and they are hopeful that Saoli will do well in the festivals.

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