Assamese horror film
Screengrab of Jokhini teaser

Teaser Of Assamese Horror Film Jokhini Released

December 24, 2020

Fans of horror movie genre, fasten your seatbelts as Assamese horror film 'Jokhini' is all set to chill you out, the teaser of which was released on December 23.

Directed by young filmmaker Chinmoy Barma, 'Jokhini' promises to be entertaining.

His other venture in the horror genre, "Ghorapaak', is also ready and it will be released soon.


In a recent interview with The Story Mug, Barma said that while he was young, horror stories said by his relatives left an impression in his young mind and as he grew up, he decided to explore this genre and tell the popular Assamese folktales about ghosts and witches.

In the 50-second teaser of 'Jokhini' one can feel the creepiness the filmmaker has tried to create- both visually and with the film's music.

Even though nothing has been said about the film's release date, however, it is expected that the 'Jokhini' will be releasing in the early part of 2021.

Barma's other short film Morome Ringiaai has won prizes and accolades in several national and international film festivals.

We hope this Assamese horror film is well accepted by the audience and we get to see more such films from him in the future.

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