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The Unlawful Demands Of App-Based Motor Services: Who is Responsible?

May 21, 2022

In recent times, we all have faced severe issues while booking app-based motor services. While booking the app-based motor services, the booking takes place with little to no hassle. But it becomes mentally and physically exhausting later while dealing with the highly unprofessional drivers.

They most often charge extra money instead of the fare displayed at the time of booking, citing a hike in the petrol prices. Some usual questions put forth by the motor riders are:

1. Where will you go?

2. What is the fare shown while booking?

3. Sir, that is too little. If you pay me ‘X’ amount only then I will go.

Cab aggregators Ola, Uber, Jugnoo and Meru are attending a meeting called by the consumer affairs ministry to explain details on operations, fair pricing algorithm and drivers’ payment structure, sources told CNBC-TV18. After the discussions, it will incorporate inputs to planning guidelines for online cab aggregators to protect consumers.

The guidelines will be beside the existing protocols issued by central and state transport departments. The sources said that the consumer affairs ministry is likely to lie down standard operating procedures (SOPs) for addressing consumer grievances within set timelines.

The consumer affairs ministry called a meeting after taking cognisance of complaints against cab aggregators, primarily Ola and Uber.

You definitely cannot rely on the motor services offered by giant companies, especially if you have an urgent engagement. It was the best way of transportation a few months back, but the quality of service has degraded to a great extent in recent times.

Now, what solves this never-ending problem? As informed by the motor drivers, they have raised a valid point. They stated they are being given a very minimal commission, which means if the fare is Rs.50, they get only 15-20% and the hike in petrol prices makes their income almost minimal.

Considering the genuine reason cited by the drivers, we need to find the best alternative/solution so that we can enjoy Motor Services just like before.

Things that can be done are mentioned below:

1. The Uber Authority can increase the commission of the Rapido/Uber Motor Drivers.

2. The base fare can be increased slightly considering the rise in petrol prices.

3. Salary/Stipend can be given apart from the commission to the riders.

4. Professional drivers who do not have issues with the Uber/Rapido Guidelines can be

5. Rewards can be given to the Riders to complete daily target trips. Suppose daily one has to complete 20 trips, and if he does that, he gets bonus points as cash or gift vouchers.

The following are some probable steps that the concerned authorities can act upon after speculating on its feasibility.

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