Toddy can cure cancer, sayd Telangana minister

Toddy, A Locally Brewed Alcohol, Can Cure Cancer!

September 1, 2020

Consumption of alcohol is said to be injurious to health, but for Telangana excise minister V Srinivas Goud consuming 'toddy' can cure several diseases.

You must be wondering as to what 'toddy' is and how can it cure any diseases and if so, then what are some of the popular diseases that it can cure?

Well, this is a beverage extracted from palm trees and according to Goud consuming, toddy can cure as many as 15 different diseases including cancer!

Well, that's amazing! No more mammoth spending on cancer treatment and medicine. All we need to is consume toddy and get ourselves cured!

This "bizarre" claim was made by Goud on August 30 while addressing a gathering after unveiling the statue of Sarwai Papanna- a freedom fighter- at Mandalagudem village of Raghunathpalli block in Jangaon district.

Goud further said that there were studies which proved that this palm wine has several medicinal values.

Boosting about its medicinal values, Goud said, "Toddy can cure as many as 15 diseases. Even cancer can be cured by consuming toddy regularly."

He further said that the local alcohol was once considered to be poor man’s liquor, but people travelling in Mercedes Benz are consuming toddy.

"The Telangana government had been promoting toddy tapping as a profession," Goud further said.

This is not the first time that Goud has pitched for the consumption of this local alcohol brand.

In May, Goud announced that toddy tappers would be permitted to sell toddy as an alternative to liquor as wine shops were closed in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Not just toddy, but the excise minister in June had announced the introduction of Neera- a palm-wine, which is an unfermented form of toddy, and its by-products manufactured by Telangana Palm Neera and Palm Products Research Foundation.

He said that consumption of neera helps dissolve kidney stones, help in dealing with diabetes and keep the urinary tract in perfect health.

"Neera will also help boost immunity and reduce constipation. Nutrients in Neera such as potassium and iron will help reduce pulmonary problems," Goud had said.

He further said that Neera is helpful in treating migraine and reducing body heat.

"The government would encourage the manufacture of more Neera by-products," he had said.

The northeast has a wide variety of locally brewed alcohol and wine and its time that we also promote their medicinal values.

Is it the time to coin a new phrase- consumption of locally brewed alcohol is not injurious to health!

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