UP Police goes to Gabbar Singh

UP Police Goes To 'Gabbar Singh' For Awareness On public Spitting

January 22, 2021

As toddlers and also as adults, most of us must have watched the 1975 cult Hindi movie 'Sholay' and each and every character from the movie are etched to our memory.

From Thakur Baldev Singh's revenge saga to Jai and Veeru's indissoluble friendship- each and every character and every dialogue give a sense of nostalgia even today.

And who can forget Gabbar Singh- the menacing villain who not just terrorised the people of Ramgarh but also induced fear among the audience!

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According to unverified reports, Gabbar's famous line- 'so ja varna Gabbar a jayega' (sleep or else Gabbar would come) was "actually" used by the mothers then in order to force their children to sleep if they did not go to sleep early or on being repeatedly said.

Sholay continues to be a source of inspiration even today and the Uttar Pradesh or the UP Police recently used a famous scene to create awareness on public spitting.

In the scene twitted by the UP Police, we can first see Gabbar Singh spitting twice and next we witness Thakur Baldev Singh chasing down Gabbar and holding him by the neck. At this moment an image of bars is superimposed over it and a message by the police follows next.

"Spitting in public places can increase the risk of spread of COVID-19 & it is a punishable offence. Do not spit in public places," the UP police wrote in the message.


The tweet has garnered a lot of attention and won the hearts of many and people have appreciated UP Police's creativity.

To watch the video, click here

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