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Uttar Pradesh police inspector Sushil. Courtesy: IANS

The Uttar Pradesh Policeman Who Catches Snakes

November 21, 2020

The Uttar Pradesh Police in recent times has hogged the media limelight for all the wrong reasons, especially after the Hathras rape case the state police have been labelled as "law-breakers" and not "law upholders".

However, the Mandhata police station in Pratapgarh district in the state is in the news for a very different reason.

Even though most of the policemen of the Uttar Pradesh police "have a bad rapport" among the masses, but an inspector posted at Mandhata police station has been winning hearts- not just of the common man but also of the wildlife enthusiasts.

The police inspector has been identified as Sushil and he is well-versed in the art of catching snakes-especially cobras and pythons.

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As per reports, the inspector on November 16 caught a python that was spotted in a field in Paniyari village.

He put the python in a sack and carried it to the police station.

In the police station, the sack tore up and the python tried to escape which created a scare among the police personnel and the people present there.

Sushil, once again, caught the python and released it in the nearby Gajehara forest area of the district.

The inspector said that people now call him, instead of the forest team, to catch snakes and pythons.

"I go wherever I am called and catch the reptiles. I have never been afraid of snakes and pythons and know how to catch them without harming myself or the reptiles," he said.

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