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'Who Failed India' Trends In Twitter As India Records World's Biggest-Ever Daily Surge In COVID-19 Cases

April 22, 2021

Who Failed India is among the trending hashtag campaigns on Twitter on April 22 as India recorded 3.14 lakh COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours.

This is the world's biggest-ever daily surge, taking India's caseload to 1.59 crore. In another grim record, 2,104 Covid deaths were recorded since April 21.

So what went wrong in India's fight against COVID-19? Who is to be blamed for this chaos like situation? Who failed India?

"Insensitive remarks, Arrogance of another level and Ego of being superior had proved to be devastating for us," twitted a user named Shubhra as she shared a video by The Wire that has various clippings from India's battle against COVID-19 to PM Modi's COVID-19 addresses to the nation.

Sharing a video of a crematorium in Lucknow, a user named AVIR wrote, "Lucknow Crematoriums Burning 24/7 With #Covid Bodies... Voted for Temples Masjids and Castes, And expect Hospitals... FUNDE HI HILE HUE HAIN."

Another user called Madhu criticised the government for this situation and blamed it to be "clueless" and alleged that the government "doesn't care for the citizens and are concerned for its image only".

Mumbai Congress president Charan Singh Sapra lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and blamed him for this present COVID-19 situation.

In a tweet, Sapra said, "Modi caught Napping. Unplanned strategy to fight COVID. Should wake up to reality before it is too late."

Sharing a photograph of PM Modi, a Twitter user named Charulata blamed the BJP-led NDA government for the present COVID-19 situation.

In her tweet, she wrote, "India has dealt with Jumlas since Modi came to power! Now please excuse us! We all know #WhoFailedIndia."

Siyad Zaine, in a tweet, lashed out at union home minister Amit Shah for deciding to go ahead with his election rallies in West Bengal at a time when fresh COVID-19 cases are creating new records every day.

"India Reports 3.12 Lakhs covid cases highest ever in a single day. Meanwhile, Home Minister to address massive rallies across West Bengal. It’s clear that Indian Lives not matter to them only votes matter to them," he tweeted.

One Twitter user Hariprasad Behera, in his tweet blamed the Centre and the other BJP ministers for this uncontrolled surge in COVID-19 cases.

His tweet was indirectly directed at Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, who in an interview with The Lallantop TV in April had said that people in Assam need not wear masks as there is no corona in the state.

"While Modi has failed in doing his duty as the head of the government. His ministers have instead worked as the friend of the virus by giving such dangerous advice," Behera tweeted sharing a photograph of the leader.

The situation in India is gloomy and if we don't stand for ourselves now, then it will be very late at the time when we think to do so.

Instead of trying to know Who Failed India, it is time to find solutions to the question How To Not Fail Further?

Follow the COVID-19 protocols and keep yourself and your family safe.

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