clean your room and improve your mood
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Clean Your Room And Improve Your Mood

April 8, 2022

Do you suffer from a bad mood on most occasions? Do you have a sense of irritability most of the time? If yes, then it is time to do some cleaning and arrange your living area.

"Straightening out the physical aspects of your life can bring clarity to mental ones. Cluttered spaces cause stress and anxiety. The minute we get rid of clutter, we immediately feel lighter and more relaxed. It is a relief, not just visually but also mentally," writes India Today in an article.

So, why is decluttering and organising the room important? Well, doing so will help to clear the mind and focus meticulously on the tasks on hand that need to be accomplished for obvious reasons.

Life is full of events, some of which we can control and some that are beyond our reach. Hence the mantra for happiness should be to take control of those things that are within our reach.

Cleaning the room, arranging the bookshelf or organising the cloth rack are some of the small but important positive steps that we can implement in our daily lives for improving our mood.

Studies have shown that a neat and clean room can make anyone feel rejuvenated and getting rid of the clutter and disarray can have a calming and soothing effect as well.

Keep the dirt out, and welcome happiness in is what many experts and lifestyle coaches ask people to stick to.

"I am not a lifestyle coach, but when I tried a few things that I read online, my happiness quotient improved a lot," said Kasturi Deka of RG Baruah Road while speaking to The Story Mug.

"Apart from a neat and clean room, the other two places that need to be arranged properly are the kitchen and the bathroom. Untidy kitchens and bathrooms can dampen the mood quite easily," she adds on.

"Throwing out mot needed boxes, papers, worn-out clothes and shoes are also an important thing to for improving the mood. In short, if the atmosphere of the house is neat and the house is clean, the mood automatically enhances," she further added.

"We must understand the difference between memories, mementoes, and junk. More the junk in the house, the poorer the mood is," she concluded as saying.

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