June 10, 2022

Aware of the consequences,

He has foreseen.

Unperturbed by the worldly menace, Conspires the impending demise.


Gravity in his voidness,

Heavier than the atrocities.

There exists a time with tombstones in the horizon,

While he devours the mighty little earth.


A strange sense of hatred,

Run through their veins.

Carrying stones under their chests,

An alive corpse, They are!


There is an arrival of such an extent,

Where both the good and the evil inside, Confess their violent dislike towards their host,

What is left is a vexed question.


The spell had already been casted,

while the mountain's asleep, night's awake,

in this cold miserable winter and blood red moon.


The roar of his silence,

desolates the seeds of life,

The secrets of the universe percolate through the bubble, he resides in,

O it's door should be shut, before the resurrection of the Smaug

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