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June 23, 2022

When it's fire, it has to burn,

like sparkling topaz, a war cry.

The fumes fragrant remind

of the things that passed by.

Smiles, chuckles and more,

rising up to the black sky.

Let the hurt follow the smoke,

don't fall apart and cry.


No use mourning bonds dead,

on those ruins proudly reign.

Get addicted to button or wine,

living creatures are vain.

They have a sick humour

to bound, slice and chain.

Don't get used to company,

stare at the fire and abstain.


Forget the person and face,

no one would ever know.

Don't fall for comfort or care,

the vicious sane ones don't owe.

Keep it calm and composed,

leave when the embers still glow.

Remember you are the arsonist,

leave the lost, let it go.

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