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Gujarat Students Develop Battery Kits For Electric Motorbikes

February 23, 2021

Two Gujarat Technical University (GTU) students- Arpit Chauhan and Kartik Atreya- have developed a battery-operated kit to run motorcycles.

The kit is cheaper than the already existing battery kits and the new ki is expected to cut the cost of travel.

\According to a report by the Times of India, the developers said that the electric kit uses six batteries of lead-acid and lithium that can power motorbikes and save on cost.

This kit will enable up to 80 km of travel for just 25 paise. Not only that but electric motorbikes using this kit will reduce noise pollution by 10-12 decibels.

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GTU vice-chancellor Navin Sheth has said that the team of students have already begun working and researching to develop similar kits for auto-rickshaws, tractors and cars.

As per the media statements, Chauhan and Atreya said they had spent a total of six years researching and experimenting before their electric kit became a reality.

In the wake of rising petrol-diesel prices, electric motorbikes might become a boon for the middle class because they are cheaper and have less carbon emission.

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