Gulshan Devaiah
Gulshan Devaiah. Courtesy: The Indian Express

Gulshan Devaiah: Many Consider Depression As A State Of Mind

September 17, 2020

Most people consider depression as a "state of mind" and they don't consider it as a disease, says actor Gulshan Devaiah.

"People have issues in considering depression as a disease as most of them consider it to be a state of mind or an emotion," the Hate Story actor said during an interview with news agency IANS.

Speaking further. Gulshan Devaiah said that depression is used as an expression to express something.

"But when you are diagnosed with depression, by a mental health practitioner or by a certified doctor, then that is an illness," the actor further said.

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"Depression needs to be treated like any other illness like cancer or tuberculosis," the actor added.

"Depression is a disease and it needs to be treated- some with medication and some without medication," the actor further added.

He further said that there are people who have been taking medication for depression for years and one really needs to understand the gravity of the disease and the situation.

He said that before everything one needs to accept the fact that depression is an illness and it needs attention.

Speaking further the Death in the Gunj actor said that after accepting depression as an illness one needs to change one's attitude.

"I'm telling you because I tried to pep talk about a friend of mine who was institutionalised depressed, and he was put in a mental institution, no amount of philosophy made any difference to him because it's an illness," the actor added.

"Everybody thinks depression is a state of mind and a little bit of philosophy might work," he said.

"It does work, but you have to accept it as an illness. First, we need to get that acceptance, the causes can vary," Devaiah added.

Gulshan Devaiah has been able to carve out a niche for himself with movies like Hunterrr, Hate Story, Mard Ko Dard Nehin Hota and web series like Smoke and Afsos.

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