Reality of hyde is a short powem
Courtesy: Pawel Czerwinski for Unsplash

'Reality The Hyde'

June 10, 2022

There is a time,
When i'll stop writing my ridiculous poems
There is a time,
When i'll stop explaining the cause
And bear the unbearable.

There is a time,
When awkward silence will reside between us
Hyperbolized Fake smiles, over emphasized
unreal talks.

There is a time,
Where individuality will be the new normal.
There is a time,
When you get traumatized every moment
But won't care it, you'll overcome the Impossible
nightmares, all the butterflies will fly away,

The chest won't pain anymore, and get drown into a peaceful conversation.
There's a time,
When you'll say AdiĆ³s to the Fool's paradise And walk for the ultimate positivity, to create an empire on your own.

And finally there's a time,
When you'll leave your seat for other passengers,as you have reached your destination, remember the wholesome days you had, smiling at the end of it.

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