TikTok alternative launched in Assam

Three Friends In Assam Develop Alternative To TikTok, Names It TipTeapi

Available only for Android users presently, TipTeapi was officially launched on February 7 in Jorhat and so far it has been downloaded over 1000 times

February 13, 2021

After the Indian government banned several China-based apps including popular video-sharing app TikTok, several Indians developed similar apps.

While a majority of these failed to make an impact on the minds of the users, a very few, on the other hand, have been able to penetrate deep into the users' psyche and they have been received well.

Now, there has been another addition to the list and this time the addition has been made from Assam!

Shaswati Kotoky, Amarjyoti Gautam, and Himanga Madhukalya are the three friends who have recently launched an app called TipTeapi- a video sharing app developed on the lines of TikTok.

TipTeapi means "lightning and bright" and the app has been named so for it is an entertainment app.

The logo of TipTeapi is a small 't' and like TikTok, it also represents a three-colour note- cerise pink, indigo, magenta- on a white backdrop.

Available only for Android users presently, TipTeapi was officially launched on February 7 in Jorhat and so far it has been downloaded over 1000 times.

During an emailed interview, Amarjyoti spoke at length about the app- right from its history to the road ahead. Could it be an alternative to TikTok, let's find out

Partha: What led to the creation of TipTeapi?

Amarjyoti: The idea emerged when all of us were thinking of doing something at the same time.

As the COVID-19-induced lockdown was imposed for a longer period, we thought searching for jobs might not be a good idea.

So we decided to do something on our own. And when it comes to doing something for the public, the most effective way is to provide something which they can easily access. So developing a mobile app was the solution.

Partha: How did you finalise the design?

Amarjyoti: At first we tried something different but while developing it, the design kept on changing and after a couple of changes, we finally decided to go with the present one.

Partha: How is TipTeapi different from similar apps?

Amarjyoti: TipTeapi is different because we value our users' time. So we have made it entertaining and productive at the same time.

TipTeapi assures knowledge/learning along with entertainment. Our users will get optimum privacy protection and security as TipTeapi do not share or mishandle any of their information.

Partha: Which is tough- to begin or to continue after the start?

Amarjyoti: We would say both have different challenges.

In the beginning, we were sceptical about the entire process but at the same time, there was excitement as well.

But after the start, there were a lot of responsibilities and we needed to keep focussed and dedicated to our product and users' feedback.

Learning and ramping up the whole process was the only thing we could do.

Partha: Tell something about the initial hiccups

Amarjyoti: We were prepared for that I would say. When you do something like this and that too technical, bugs and faults hinder you a lot of times. But we try to solve them diligently and as soon as possible.

Partha: Tell about the specific roles of each member

Amarjyoti: I am the chief product engineer and I look after the product, its development and maintenance.

Himanga is our chief backend database and services engineer. He looks after all the backend operations of our products.

Saswati looks after the operations, HR, legal, sales and management.

Partha: Your inspirations

Amarjyoti: We have been inspired by many people. Some people have done so much good for society and mankind.

As youths, we also try our best to do something for the people.

Partha: What has been the response so far

Amarjyoti: The users have welcomed the app warmly. We are so grateful to them. Thank you for sharing your reviews. We will look after them and try to fix your problems for your better experience. If you find any issue or problem, please let us know and we will be happy to help and solve it.

Partha: Any other app in the pipeline

Amarjyoti: Let’s see what happens... Currently, we are focusing on the present product, improving it and making it more user friendly.  But creating more products has always been on our list. If everything goes well we will go for it.

Partha: Any message for the young innovators like you

Amarjyoti: Best of luck to them. Everyone can do something useful. Whatever new ideas you get, you can implement and there are so many ways you can do it. I would say this thing is so interesting as you get to learn so much.

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